SCBC - Paul Fellowship

士嘉堡華人浸信會 - 保羅團契


SCBC Paul Fellowship is a Christian fellowship of Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church organized in 2008 for Cantonese speaking families, mostly with children in high schools or universities.


This is the fellowship where you develop deep loving relationships and discover what it means to sacrifice for others. All of Paul members belong to God's family because our brothers and sisters are related to each other by blood i.e. Jesus' blood.  Therefore, we are ONE in the body of Christ.


This is the fellowship where you travel down life's road with your peer members sailing in the same boat, building and growing our spiritual life together.  During this journey, we help each other to get over the rough patches and to rejoice with each other when we are riding in the sunshine.


This is what Rick Warren says to indicate that fellowship is essential for our growth:


"The entire Bible is the story of God

building a family who will

love Him, honor Him, and reign with Him forever."


Please join or visit us!


Dear friends, brothers and sisters, see you all there!!!